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Did you know that Minnesota's U.S. Senators Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar have been some of our strongest allies in the effort to #SaveMedicaid?! That's why we're asking you to send them a Tweet, share a Facebook post, or give them a call to say "thank you" for opposing cuts and caps to #Medicaid in the recent healthcare proposals, which could be voted on as soon as tomorrow ...

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For tips on contacting Senators Franken and Klobuchar, check out today's blog post on The Arc Minnesota website! thearcofminnesota.org/health-care-vote-week-call-senators-now/

We are so lucky to have them.

Your ARC does an amazing job of "rallying the troops" and keeping citizens informed regarding this, and other critical issues. I feel very fortunate to receive your posts, and then share them, for our advocacy efforts here in Western New York (Buffalo area). Thank you for your efforts!!!!

Did Twitter and sharing it with other groups

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A Working Life Alliance Launched

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The Arc Minnesota announces the launching of A Working Life Alliance.   A statewide collaboration among chapters of The Arc and partners agencies, the alliance will introduce job-seekers with disabilities and their families across Minnesota to the possibilities of competitive, integrated employment.  It will also support them as they plan person-centered job goals to obtain employment based on their strengths and interests.  Learn more; read the alliance brochure.

Free Online Classes

The Arc Minnesota is partnering with the University of Minnesota and DirectCourse to provide online, customizable training classes free of charge.  To learn about the classes available and how to participate, click here.

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Keep up the Pressure on the U.S. Senate

A vote has been delayed on the “Better Care Reconciliation Act,” which would make drastic cuts to Medicaid and take away health insurance from an estimated 22 million Americans.  A decision to delay was made [...]

The Arc Poll

Congress is considering legislation that could cut Medicaid services that are deemed "optional" under current law. Which of these services do you receive or have received in the past? (Check all that apply)