Minnesota Chapters of The Arc

  • The Arc Minnesota’s focus: Public policy & statewide programs
  • Local chapters’ focus: Connections with families, grassroots advocacy
  • Close collaboration with each other and The Arc of the U.S.

About the Chapter Model

The Arc Minnesota provides statewide leadership in addressing public policy issues that impact people with developmental and intellectual disabilities and their families at the local, state, and national levels.  It collaborates on public policy efforts with affiliated chapters of The Arc across Minnesota, other disability organizations, and the disability community.  The Arc Minnesota also works closely with The Arc of the U.S. to coordinate public policy efforts that are consistent with the efforts of our national organization. In addition, The Arc Minnesota offers services that cross the state, such as Housing Access Services and Master Pooled Trust, again in close collaboration with local chapters of The Arc.

Local chapters of The Arc work within their defined service area to provide crucial information for people with developmental disabilities and their families, connect them with resources, and stand with them when they need an advocate.  The chapters also provide grassroots public policy support that is consistent with and in collaboration with the efforts of The Arc Minnesota and The Arc of the U.S.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thearcfc/

Website: www.arcfreeborncounty.org

Phone: 507-377-3469

Program Director: Jessica Walters


320-251-7272 or 1-877-251-7272
218-726-4725 or 1-800-317-6475
507-287-2032 or 1-888-732-8520
Fairmont Office: 507-235-8580 or 1-800-427-2895
Mankato Office: 507-345-4223 or 1-866-502-4082
218-233-5949 or 1-800-411-0124