Master Pooled Trust

  • Helps provide financial security for individuals with disabilities
  • Doesn’t affect eligibility for means-tested benefits
  • Uses the The Arc Minnesota’s expertise on disability issues

About the Master Pooled Trust

The Arc Minnesota’s Master Pooled Trust can help provide future financial security for individuals with disabilities, whether it’s yourself, your child, a family member or a friend, while not affecting the person’s eligibility for means-tested benefits, such as SSI or MA. It can protect funds and benefits for an individual with a disability, whether the funds are given to the trust by others, or are perhaps an unexpected windfall belonging to the person living with a disability.

When can you set up a Master Pooled Trust?

– Now – By a parent or other family member who wants to provide funds to benefit their loved one with a disability. It can be funded now or in the future from an insurance policy, an estate or other sources.

– Anytime – When a person with a disability receives a windfall of money, such as a Social Security back payment, an inheritance, or an insurance or court settlement. Putting this money in The Arc Minnesota’s Master Pooled Trust shelters the funds to use later, while not jeopardizing their benefits.

Why choose The Arc Minnesota’s Master Pooled Trust?

Expertise & Skills – The Arc Minnesota is a known and trusted organization with a 60-year history of helping people with disabilities. We know the trust laws and governmental reporting requirements, and how to best serve the needs of persons with disabilities.

Affordability – The Arc Minnesota’s Master Pooled Trust was designed with lower fees and minimum deposits than other alternatives.

Safety – The Arc Minnesota is insured, and our investments are managed by Associated Trust Co.  Check out  the mutual funds performance report for more information on the investment results.

Who can participate in the trust?

To participate, the beneficiary of the trust must have a certified disability of any type and must live in Minnesota.  We serve individuals throughout the state.

How to learn more:

For more information or to discuss your specific needs, contact:

Dennis Collins

Marlene Johnson

Steve Egly