Olmstead Plan

  • A blueprint for full inclusion in the community
  • Support for expanding opportunities and choices
  • Planning that meets the individual’s needs, desires, and dreams

Minnesota’s Olmstead Plan is a broad series of key activities our state must accomplish to ensure people with disabilities are living, learning, working, and enjoying life in the most integrated setting.  It is a plan for expanding the choices and opportunities for Minnesotans with disabilities, as well as giving them the necessary support to make those choices and take advantage of those opportunities. At the heart of this blueprint is person-centered planning, ensuring that the individual with disabilities is at the center of the services he/she receives and the creation of plans to provide those supports.

The final draft of the Olmstead Plan has been approved by U.S. District Court Judge Donovan Frank.  For more information on the Olmstead Plan, visit the State of Minnesota Website. Also, read our fact sheet on the plan’s Employment First policy.