• Action Needed:

Call your member of the U.S. House before Tuesday, April 25th with this message:

“Oppose the American Health Care Act, including the latest proposals to change it.  The changes in the bill make an already bad bill even worse.  People with disabilities and their families who depend on current health care protections and the Medicaid services that help them live in the community will be harmed even more.” 

Contact your representative’s Washington, D.C. office and his/her local office that is closest to you.  For contact information for your representative, see the section below. 

If you don’t know who your U.S. representative is, you can find that online.

  • Background:

The U.S. House returns from its Easter/Passover recess on Tuesday, April, 25th.  Before and during its recess, some members of the House of Representatives and the Trump Administration renewed discussions on how to bring the American Health Care Act (AHCA) to the House floor for a vote.  They are proposing possible changes to the bill in an effort to gain enough support among House members to pass it.

Call your representative in the U.S. House before April 25th, using the messages above. If you live in districts represented by Representatives Jason Lewis, Erik Paulsen, or Tom Emmer:  Urge them to oppose the AHCA.  Here is their contact information:

  • Representative Jason Lewis (District 2): 202-225-2271 (D.C.); 651-846-2120 (local)
  • Representative Erik Paulsen (District 3): 202-225-2871 (D.C.); 952-405-8510 (local)
  • Representative Tom Emmer: (District 6): 202-225-2331 (D.C.); 763-241-6848 (local)

If you live in districts represented by Representatives Tim Walz, Betty McCollum, Keith Ellison, Collin Peterson, or Rick Nolan:  Give them a huge “thank you” for opposing the AHCA, and urge them to continue to oppose the AHCA.  Here is their contact information:

  • Representative Tim Walz (District 1): 202-225-2472 (D.C.); 1-877-846-9259 (local)
  • Representative Betty McCollum (District 4): 202-225-6631 (D.C.); 651-224-9191 (local)
  • Representative Keith Ellison (District 5): 202-225-4755 (D.C.); 612-522-1212 (local)
  • Representative Collin Peterson (District 7): 202-225-2165 (D.C.); 507-537-2299 (Marshall); (507) 637-2270 (Redwood Falls); 218-847-5056 (Detroit Lakes); 320-235-1061 (Montevideo and Willmar)
  • Representative Rick Nolan: (District 8): 202-225-6211 (D.C.); (218) 454-4078 (Brainerd); (218) 491-3131 (Center City); (218) 491-3114 (Chisholm); (218) 464-5095 (Duluth)

Here are additional messages to use in your story and phone calls.

  • Don’t take away health care and cut services for millions of people and their families.
  • Do NOT allow states to opt out of requiring health plans to cover basic health care.
  • Keep health plans affordable for people with pre-existing conditions.
  • Do NOT repeal the ACA without a bill to replace it that maintains or improves the coverage and protections that ACA provides.
  • Do NOT allow cuts to Medicaid to be part of a bill to replace the ACA.
  • Do NOT make cuts to critical Medicaid services to pay for tax cuts.

The AHCA, which was prevented from a House floor vote in March because of opposition from millions of Americans like you, was already very dangerous to people with disabilities and their families.  It repeals major provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and many of its critical protections.  It cuts $880 billion from Medicaid (Medical Assistance), which would mean major cuts to supports for people with disabilities and their families.  It uses cuts to the ACA and Medicaid to help pay for tax cuts for people and businesses who are already wealthy.

Some of the most recent changes being proposed to the AHCA make even MORE devastating cuts:

  • It further decimates the Medicaid program. The federal government would no longer share the costs of providing health care services and community living supports beyond a capped amount, a proposal known as “per capita caps.”  It would weaken Medicaid even more by ending the Medicaid expansion earlier, offering Medicaid block grants to states, and promoting work requirements as a condition to receive Medicaid.
  • People with pre-existing conditions could lose the protections they currently have. States could waive the requirement for what is called “community rating.”  This would allow the insurance companies to charge people with pre-existing conditions whatever they wanted, essentially making the pre-existing condition protections meaningless.  The combination of this and the waiver of essential health benefits would make it nearly impossible for people with pre-existing conditions to find affordable plans that cover basic health care services.

Thanks for your advocacy!