On Thursday, May 25th, The Arc Minnesota has a great opportunity to recognize the work of the Minnesota Disability Law Center (MDLC) at our annual Public Policy Recognition Event.  I sometimes wonder what Minnesota would be like if it was not for MDLC.  People with disabilities would have stayed in state institutions much longer, community-based services would be getting paid a lower rate, we would have longer waiting lists, and people with disabilities would have a more difficult time voting.  These are just a few of the ways the MDLC has touched all of our lives.

I have personally experienced their great expertise in my years of advocacy at the State Capitol.  I have partnered for 15 years with Anne Henry, working on a wide variety of legislation and initiatives; worked with Dan Stewart on education issues, including the use of restraints in schools and bullying; and more recently, worked with Sean Burke on housing and employment issues.  In addition, I have watched Bud Rosenfield in court defend the rights of persons with disabilities, and I thought if I ever needed a defense attorney, I would like someone like Bud.

Minnesota is better off because of the great work of the Minnesota Disability Law Center.  Please join me on May 25th in honoring this great organization.   The registration deadline has been extended to Sunday, May 21st; you can register for the event online.

Steve Larson, Senior Policy Director